Virtual Classroom Training

Virtual Classroom Training

Learning Track is providing a live virtual classroom and a real-time online collaboration environment created for teaching and training over the Internet. The virtual classroom software is an eLearning resource that gets your students/personnel closer to your teacher. Learning Track is incorporating virtual classroom software for live online classes and lectures, community meetings, group sessions, individual sessions, and webinars – all taking place on the internet. All you need is a computer with an internet connection for your live online meetings.

An integrated video conference platform has been developed to allow virtual collaboration in real-time. This powerful tool helps trainees and instructors to interact, collaborate and learn from wherever they are and from whatever equipment they want, whether from companies or the education industry.

How can you benefit from a virtual classroom LMS?

Instant video conferencing: It is easier to use a tool embedded in your LMS than to use external tools such as Skype or Google Hangouts as processes are reduced and there are also specialized metrics for the type of software. By incorporating this, your business or educational users can immediately perform live, high-quality training sessions with video options and even connect multiple branches at a time.

Add interactivity features to your sessions: The best choice for reducing disengagement and desertion is interactivity. Having the users participate actively in the class through the virtual LMS classroom will give you a high degree of attention and participation. This is easily possible by adding things like questionnaires in the middle of the lesson, gamification options, or even small tests into your class sessions through virtual classrooms to monitor what they learned in each conference.

Timed tests: By incorporating virtual classroom LMS that enables timed assessments to be developed and you can more effectively track and evaluate your users. This type of test is easier to perform because it doesn't require interventions and the assessment ends when the timer runs out. Similarly, the certification is automatic, it is shown immediately and there is the possibility of having instant feedback.

Recording and storage: Online courses are built-in real-time and this can be difficult several times for those students who do not have a strong retention ability or who have not even been able to attend an LMS session in a virtual classroom. In order to solve this problem, the integration allows the sessions to be recorded and stored to be available at any time so that the student/user can access them once they are free.

Enhances instant communication: You need to have a resource that enables direct contact with your customers, with each other and with your instructors. The integration of the virtual classroom LMS enables you to get instant messaging without leaving the site. This tool is very useful for generating questions and answers, live reviews, checking employee/user performance, exchanging information, scheduling calendar meetings, etc.

Performance analytics: Due to advanced reports user efficiency can be measured in many ways within the LMS. In the case of integration with virtual classroom LMS, it is critical to have metrics that allow you to track your user's operation. The virtual classroom application will let you know the time of training, the dropout rate or the number of times users take between lessons.

Asynchronous Content Development: Using Learning Track LMS you can build interactive content via self-paced internet courses with resources with various types using Learning Track LMS. You can administer homework and exams, or even require access to live sessions previously documented in your virtual classroom. For example, you can record student orientation sessions before the first day of class, or add a documented welcome to your virtual classroom. Students may also access your classes interactive videos if they have skipped a lesson, or even to enhance learning and help maintain information.

Features of Virtual Classroom:

Face to face and real-time virtual classroom sessions: Either for one-on-one classes, workshops or webinars, with the Virtual Classroom Network you can interact with other students and instructors in real-time. It is definitely a great way to learn and work together because it simulates a real session in the classroom. The completely immersive eLearning approach from Learning Track LMS provides such a degree of engagement that gives the students a feeling that they are in the same room.

Virtual Classroom software embedded in your LMS: The web conferencing program is installed in your LMS, which functions smoothly to enhance the experience of virtual classrooms. By single sign-on (SSO), which is the USP of our LMS, you can log in to your video conferencing portal. You don't have to go somewhere else outside your LMS to start a video conference or exchange data. You can build the session from the LMS, and you will receive the notification on your video conferencing account.

Notifications: By scheduling updates, via emails and calendar sync you can easily set up reminders for upcoming events. You may also add reminders such as' lift the hand' for the participants to ask the teacher or host their questions. You get both audible and visual alerts that can be activated and disabled according to the users ' requirements.

Record Live Sessions: Sessions are broadcast in HD, and webinars or presentations can be held in the LMS with Learning Track LMS integration. The data which is shared between the two parties is done over a protected layer of sockets (SSL) so that the data is not leaked. The files are maintained using the secured infrastructure of the top quality.

Mobile Support: Through Learning Track LMS you can access video conferencing tools from your desktop, tablet or mobile and expand the learning experience. Our intuitive LMS lets the users learn on the go. Learning Track LMS is available for all android phones and tablets, iPads, iPhones, as well as windows, MAC and Linux computers.

Social Learning in the Virtual Classroom: Take virtual classroom advantage of social learning - text messages, quizzes, live interactions, and surveys-to make the learning experience more satisfying and involved in teaching and learning. Not only is it a sales sizzle feature but it is a very useful feature that improves teamwork effectiveness.

Learning management systems for schools and other educational institutes can use the virtual classroom software for online training and web conferencing tool and Learning Track is offering an advanced learning platform with student management, class scheduling tools, course builder for online courses and homework, quizzing, tutorials, resource library, assessment modules, and plenty of other tools.