The online exam is part of our LMS. With our online exam software, you can easily create exams. You can either use these exams as independent exams or you can implant them in one of your courses.

We have an ample range of question types available like multiple choice, fill in the blanks, free text, image questions, and audio or video questions. You can also create questions with many correct answers. You can assign points or grades to each question or for all questions the same number of points/grades. We provide different types of scoring algorithms to suit your needs. Our interface makes it so easy for you, hence its user- friendly.

It's simple to create your exam. Go to the exam creator tab on our page, all the instructions will be given in set wise which makes it easy for you. By following the steps, you start creating your exam.

You can set the scoring rules and what's the average score to pass the exam and manage the number of attempts. It's just not a one-time attempt exam or can a user/learner can retake the exam and learn from their mistakes.

Invites and reminders will be sent to the users/learners through the mail or SMS, Instructor gets notified when a user completes your exam and you can view the results of your user download it if there are some changes to be made.

Once the exam is done the instructor can issue the certificate, and the system will grant it to all the student who has cleared the exam. And this process is completely automated.