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An extended enterprise LMS is a learning portal for each community in your corporate network which includes suppliers, investors, sellers, free traders, buyers, and others. It is a way to reach your entire network and deliver online training that suits your brand values. Allowing customers to learn about the company, services, and other functionalities from your organization will create a strong customer experience through excellent brand connection. Customers will feel a positive approach towards your company, and they might share this view among their networks.

And what precisely is the expanded enterprise? This form of learning for someone who is not an internal employee of your company. Like we have mentioned above, the group of people can be resellers, customers, dealers, franchisees, distribution partners, and suppliers training these people offers several beneficial advantages to your firm. The aim is to create tangible behavioral improvement by providing consumers and external employees with a training plan exclusively for the goods and services which is a different training program compared to internal employee training. The Extended Enterprise LMS has the potential to reach several target markets across the same platform and to provide them with a unique learning experience depending on their usage of the product. This is an excellent opportunity for an additional training course for those who are not your immediate employees, who ought to be certified to work with your company's product. With Extended Enterprise LMS, you can provide a specific corporate LMS and a more extended LMS for outside staff and consumers to get more acquainted with the goods or services. And that's why enterprise learning management systems are so important to both large and small organizations. With the right enterprise learning management system, you will invest in the growth of the employees. Contemporary organizational learning management systems are so streamlined and advanced that training is rarely destructive.

As the new technologies are booming and changing the world, online learning/training is also been the most powerful platform that comes with some best features, which can be implemented by educational institutions and corporate organizations to make learning on the go. Online learning has completely transformed that way we learn things as it offers flexible learning, easily accessible, customized learning, more cost-efficient, information retention, better interaction, allows you to study at your own phase, better reports, and much more such advantages which eases your learning. Learning Management System (LMS) is one such online learning platform that provides almost all the functionalities that you are looking for. And maybe that's why most profitable companies around the world are using the LMS platform to help employees develop their technical and other skillsets.

Why Learning Track LMS?

Learning Track LMS is an application that provides best-extended enterprise LMS which is designed to enhance the way organizations deliver training to their external staff. The Extended Enterprise LMS has the potential to target several customers with the same platform and, based on their use of the product, offer them advanced training. It is a great opportunity for people who are not your employees but need to be trained to work with your company product. And an extended enterprise LMS is facilitated to keep a track of all the content, learners, a hassle-free administration, user-friendly interface, personalized certificates, easy accessibility, supports all kinds of content format, gamification to keep learners interactive, and much more.

Benefits of Using Extended Enterprise LMS for your Oraganization:

An extended enterprise LMS offers many benefits depending on the type of training your opting for, here's the list of some benefits offered:

1. Increases revenue: Training the customers will make them feel more empowered and knowledgeable, your customers will feel satisfied for doing business with your organization that might increase the chances of them to stick to your product, will also have a chance where clients might start referring your products to their networks. If u consider distributors, the faster the training we provide, the quicker the product or service can be sold, and the higher the revenues you receive.

2. Automation: An extended enterprise LMS implements automation in various sectors of organizational learning. Learning management systems will make your administrators work much simpler as it will automate the addition of new employees to reduce manual onboarding of employees. Automated reporting will remove a required manual work where the workflow was slower, which improves performance, productivity and also improves job satisfaction.

3. Reduce risk: Whatever the situation, either its bad customer reviews or any other mistakes it is necessary to reduce risk. An extended enterprise LMS will help in reducing the risk. You'll sell more and lower the risk of negative problems when the vendors, distributors, and consumers are on the same page.

4. Personalized training: The learning management system creates custom pages and menus for each audience to give users customized learning experiences, also builds pages and menus especially for each field and audience. You will be allowed to use your domain name and logo to create a website for your extended enterprise training.

5. Better communication: For every organization, communication is the most important accept. So the more people that you engage in the purchasing process, the more the message might get lost in translation. Extended enterprise training for your businesses will resolve these gaps and helps clear up miscommunication among consumers, tackles partner misinformation, and any other confusion. It precisely describes your goals, puts everyone on the same page in the field of training, and makes communication more effective.

6. Fluid environment: Many businesses have succeeded as they adapt over time to the same processes. Hence, you're organization must be versatile and able to change directions quickly if anything doesn't work, to be ahead of the competition. Extended enterprise training will keep the company agile. It also enables faster onboarding of new partners and improves the learning curve.

Organizations are rapidly encompassing the idea of training and certifying their external employees as it’s showing a strategic distinguishing factor among competitors. Using our extended enterprise LMS in your organization will help train and support your external employees and consumers to gain more knowledge of goods & services. Learning Track LMS will enable your company to make more revenue and save money, will also speed up your business.