Persona is a representation of an individual in your target audience. It's based on market research and demographics typically gathered when determining an audience.

Consider one individual out of the audience and looking at that individual’s specific lifestyle, behaviour patterns help you in understanding your audience for your/our product, sometimes it’s difficult to create an effective design without knowing them. Creating a target persona multiplies the target audience essentially. When targeting audience, we tend to think more deeply about them as people with wants and needs instead of just a collection of data points. It enables you to picture the face of your audience when marketing, giving you transparency and making it a little less overwhelming.

A persona will include very explicit information about an individual. Working from the information you know about your audience you can determine the most representative persona. The characteristics you choose to incorporate will likely depend on the information most important to selling your product/service.

Personas will include:

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1. Name – Giving your persona a name humanizes your target audience and think about someone in specific when improving your marketing.

2. Gender, Age, Education – This represents your target demographic which you will know through the market research you’ve accumulated.

3. Location – Does your target audience live in an urban or rural area or do they own a house or are they renting an apartment? Do they travel a lot for work? Do they work from home?

4. Job Title, Company Type, Salary – Recognizing an example target company, industry, and specific job title will help you with who you are targeting to and more easily identify their wants, needs, and motivations.

Knowing what are your persona’s career goals, and where do they see themselves in the future? How long your target persona spends time online? Which social media platforms do they use frequently? All the above information benefits us to improve our product/service, understand them better and provide them the best of our services.