Learning Track LMS reports that administrators can run, and some learners can see. There are levels:

I. The individual

II. The course

III. System-wide

IV. Performance management

The Individual

Instructors can preview the summary of an individual learner. The report shows how much the student has worked through so far and how many points or badges they have earned through the process. The learner can also have a track on it. It is useful for the learner to look back on what they have learned and finished before deciding what to work on next.

The Course

This report shows how many of them have completed the course and how more people haven't done yet. And if tests have been conducted, you can have a look at how learners are doing and twist the test questions or the course if you do not like what you spot.


It gives you a sense of how committed learners are with the system. It will show you how many users have signed in and how they are interacting with the system over a given period of time. You can also know how much learning they have done, and how involved they are on the social side of things. These are some of the important analytics if users aren't engaged, they won't learn!

Performance Management

You can quickly get access to data about course completion, course progress summary, new registrations, individual user progress, among others. Basically, to track user's performance and grades configure attendance and positive grading standards.