How helpful is LMS for Online Corporate Training?

The novel epidemic of Coronavirus is threatening the world's 'normal' way of life and its effects are being felt in most of the business sectors such as the corporate sector, education sector, etc. Even in the COVID-19 hotspots countries like Italy, Spain, US, China, German, India are fighting with these crises, been a challenging situation for all of us. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced government across the globe to take unprecedented measures like nationwide lockdown, to combat this deadly coronavirus outbreak. Due to this lockdown, a large number of the corporate world is operating from home, and yet there are complications and a huge loss as the businesses are shut.

It has also resulted in significant job loss and productivity plummeting in the workforce as a result of changes in the way employees work, stress increased concerning COVID-19 and reduced hours. A learning management system (LMS) would be invaluable for organizations faced with pandemic challenges.

Here's how our learning management system (LMS) can help your business as you navigate the current global health crisis:

It's obvious, that your company has emails to connect with employees working from home, and all kinds of video conference apps to hold live meetings, but both technologies are constrained. Employees need to have face to face interaction with team leads and managers, not just read messages, but video conferencing does not offer a good option for large-scale communication given the challenges of having everyone involved simultaneously. Now is the time to incorporate the right LMS into your business to manage and get the important information from your employee's without having them to be available at the same time. Learning Track LMS is built with extensive features that offer these services to your company. Where it would be feasible and flexible for our clients to use our LMS with a simple user interface.

Allow our LMS to be Your HR Tool During the Pandemic

HR specialists in your company will be among the hardest-pressed workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Workers may have all kinds of concerns about how remote work may happen, how their salary can or may not be affected, what are the hours and availability requirements, and all sorts of other queries. How can we obtain messages, resources, records which have to be addressed to an HR? Yet again, LMS is the tool that enables you to share the information promptly on time. Either its PDFs, PPT, Video or audio recording only a well-developed LMS can support all kinds of content formats and allows the authorized users to access instantly.

Use our LMS to build skill gaps and training your staff, During the crises

The impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic on companies will vary considerably between companies, and also between different types of employees in companies. In some situations, whether working from home or not, some workers may not see any changes in the amount of day-to-day work they do. But, in other circumstances, a downturn in the market can mean that there isn't as much for certain employees to do.

This is when you will be able to indulge in additional eLearning with an LMS for the training programs were previously never seemed to have time to do. Maybe now is the time for workers with fewer tasks, so that they may engage in extensive upskilling and additional training. As the COVID-19 pandemic comes to an end and companies return to normal activities, your employees should have a workforce willing to do more to bring the company back on track and move forward.

Our learning management system (LMS) offers compliance training to your staff

In addition to the COVID-19 pandemic, several employees are panicking. A large number of employees are possibly concerned about losing their jobs or having to make the transition from work at the workplace to work from home. But most of all, they are worrying about contracting or passing the Coronavirus on to more vulnerable individuals. Some of the people working in an office environment are possibly afraid to catch COVID-19 at work.

Employers can now fight anxiety in the workplace, which leads to low productivity and emotional instability, by using our LMS to create and manage enforcement training related to Coronavirus that provides information about what COVID-19 is, how it spreads, who's most vulnerable to it, how to avoid or delay its spread, and best practices to work and remain productive during a pandemic. This type of training will help to alleviate the fears of the Coronavirus for workers and make them feel more motivated.

Not just these services, Learning Track LMS offers many other features that will make it easier to handle the workforce in this situation. Our LMS is loaded with functionalities such as employee training, employee Onboarding, employee's track record, and constant support from our team.