LMS for Retails & Distribution Industry

The retail industry is known for its high turnover rates and seasonal labor. Your sales force is the face of your company, and your clients are the only employees who communicate. How do you keep them well trained and ready to deal with costumers? How to train new employees quickly without taking too much time off their service? It can be accomplished with our LMS.

What makes our LMS suitable for the retail distribution industry?

learning management system (LMS)is set up to be 'fully responsive', meaning your training programs look great and work beautifully on all types of devices, including desktop or laptop computers, mobile phones, and tablets.

So, your staff can take the tests and courses that you create using their own equipment, and when they have spare time or commute to work, they should not take (necessarily) work hours during their training.


Hiring and training new employees is one of the most expensive activities in retail. Especially if they are seasonal employees. Using a fully automated training management system will save you time, energy and money. Why? Because you take the action of creating your eLearning content only once. Even if you have to update it every time, it's much easier than training someone for every job. We all know that customer service representatives and salespeople are the face of retail. So, they need to be well trained.

Our web-based White label LMS allows you to create real-time courses, tests, assessments and quizzes (all part of the same package). You can use our test builder to create tests and incorporate them into your training course curriculum or decide between candidates in the recruitment process. Employees who have passed your exam or completed your training course may receive a certificate created by our Certificate Editor directly in their email.

Training management software can help you learn more about your employees and create personality and career tests for your staff that will help you determine who is best for a particular position or promotion, which should be face-to-face with customers, and who works well behind the scenes.

Quizzes have a gamified format and can be used as part of the event of a fun sale to engage and entertain clients in a team-building activity or in a store.

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Why Choose Us?

Discover, select and compare our learning management systems. Reduce your options with the software directory of the e-learning industry

Retail Learning Management System enables most of the industries to automate and standardize training. The LMS provides the basis for the organization to coordinate with online classes, for training courses and resources, for tracking success in learning, and for improving the overall learning experience, while minimizing administrative costs.

1. Evolving from a high turnover of employees to dedicated brand ambassadors

2. Converting customer expectations into the customer experience

3. Assisting employees regarding their organization growth

4. Remote training

5. Dynamic performance tracking

1. Dealing with the high turnover of employees

2. Enhances customer satisfaction and revenue

3. Providing up to date information about product knowledge

4. Anytime, anywhere learning through mobile phones

5. Centralized platform for training

6. Rapid integration and implementation

LMS makes it easier to provide online retail training to retailers of any size or structure. With advanced security features, it bends to meet your needs and has extensive organization and customization options.

Providing retail sales training to employees is vital as they learn essential skills that are crucial for them to improve in their jobs. It is also important to provide the retail team with skills to help them grow, as this will generate more revenue for the company.

Retail LMS allows the team from various locations to manage the same training more effectively without moving out of their locations with the help of centralized training materials to make quick decisions and ensure better progress in the training program.