LMS for Franchise

LMS for Franchise

When you are running a franchise, it becomes necessary to constantly train your employees to keep your processes and products uniform throughout the units. This can be challenging, especially if your units re in different towns, cities or even different parts of the world. Using Learning Track LMS can help you scale up your training material and save a lot of training expenses.

Advantages of using LMS for Franchise:

Receive product feedback: Franchise LMS helps you get honest feedback from your customers. You can get feedback information by including test questions in your instruction material. This will help you to act on the information by updating your online manual or rebuild a feature.

Attest Product knowledge: If you are a supplier and working with resellers, Franchise LMS helps you provide accurate product information to your customers. With the help of a Learning Management System, you can teach them every tiny detail of the product and certify their knowledge.

Boost sales:As a business, it becomes necessary to offer a complete package. By providing an LMS, you are providing an excellent support system and guidance which makes you way ahead of your competitors. It builds reliability on the brand and a buyer may feel more secure about the purchase knowing they will receive training.

Increase Customer Retention: The cost of acquiring a new customer is way more expensive than retaining an existing customer. Making customer training a priority will raise customer satisfaction to great heights. Also, the loyalty of the customer will be better than usual. This will result in your customers willing to renew their contracts over and over again.

Reduce Costs & Overheads: LMS can help you provide new product information on time, so the support teams can spend their time on more important stuff. Also, with LMS, the course management becomes automated and administration is not a burden anymore.

A Learning Management System is ideal to get your customers up to speed with your product quickly.

Why Learning Track LMS?

Not all LMS are designed equal. When managing franchise training programs, it demands more functionality than a regular LMS. Learning Track is the best LMS for Franchise training. It helps you create a great brand experience. Automated training modules and scheduled report delivery keep you on top of franchises. We provide:

• Simple and attractive User Interface

• Simple and attractive User Interface

• Unlimited LMS admins and users

• Individual and multi-location franchisees support

• Multiple brand franchisors support

• In house and virtual Instructor-Led Training Management

• Automate personalized training enrolment

• Custom reports for tracking learner progress

• Community features allow users to share knowledge

• Scalable architecture

• LMS Implementation and LMS Admin Management training

• Complete LMS administration services availability

• Easy implementation of training records and resources

• Fair pricing

Employees in all your franchises require the right guidance to have a more successful career in the organization by providing them the right opportunities to excel beyond the current responsibility of their role. Employers will be appreciated by their employees for investing their time and interest in the development of an employee as an individual and the respect gained from them will be rewarded as an attitude in their work.

All your employees are more likely felt to be valued when a manager asks what they can do to them, how will it be beneficial to them from this investment of time and skill. Recognizing employee's capabilities and potential helps to prevent doubts that bound to a limit on creativity and efficiency. Ultimately if organizations provide their employees with an opportunity to experience and learn will assist the organization to build a workforce full of talent and ambition.