LMS for E-Learning Industry

LMS for E-Learning Industry

It is no longer solely a solution for corporations wishing to educate their very own employees, however, it’s additionally the best studying management system platform for those wishing to sell their training content material online.

Our courses are excellent and attractive. Get your customers to experience your brand. Customize the course with the colors of your brand and infix it on your web site or client portal to have interaction with your customers. E-learning gives the ability to share material in all kinds of formats such as videos, slideshows, word documents, and PDFs. Conducting webinars (live online classes) and interacting with educators via chat and message forums is also an option accessible to users.

Track the progress of your customers and see if they complete the coaching. Get feedback on your product by seeing that elements of the coaching square measure most troublesome. Get an insight into your customers. Grant them with a certificate if they finish the course.

Its also integrated with few features like Single Sign-On where users don't have to leave the platform and buy the courses directly from LMS without having to leave LMS. This makes our learning management system user-friendly. When a course is purchased the user is mechanically registered in it. This course is offered across desktop, and smartphone from the instant the sale is formed. All the courses purchased by the user remain in his dashboard even when he has finished viewing the courses. It allows you to set up a special valuation for your courses, discounts, coupons and manage payment plans or subscriptions, creating it straightforward to regulate once and wherever your content is employed.

With our online LMS, you don't have to haul your customers to a classroom. Simply send them an invitation link through e-mail and that they will begin learning regarding your product or service promptly. On their own device, even mobile. It is also self-paced, thus your client is in control! Your users will be able to browse through your course catalogue and buy your course content online. By selling your courses, webinars directly from learning track LMS increase your company revenue.

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Why Choose Us?

Discover, select and compare our learning management systems. Reduce your options with the software directory of the e-learning industry

The term eLearning is a general concept that defines learning material available online. Whereas, an LMS is a software platform for providing learning material online.

An eLearning LMS is an integrated series of interactive online services that provide content, tools and resources to educate trainers, learners and others involved in the training program to facilitate and enhance the delivery and management of education.

1. Assist your students with courses available for 24/7 by implementing online training.

2. Encourage an exchange of views and knowledge among your online students.

3. Expand the training resources that are available in your courses.

4. Broaden your assessment methods through Learning Track LMS Solutions

1. Comfortable and flexible access

2. Easy on the budget

3. Provides various learning methods

4. Self-driven and self-paced

5. Measurable results

6. Easy reporting

7. Digital record-keeping managemen

8. Interactive gamification

9. Custom branding

LMS helps in providing optimal support to implement a process for training, learning and knowledge sharing. With eLearning LMS, employees are provided quick and easy access to all the possible learning tools. This enables them to grow better at their jobs.