LMS for Customer Training

LMS for Customer Training

Customer training can reduce client support interactions, better onboarding, faster product adoption, and improves client retention rates. Companies recognize that training courses are a way to develop and increase their productivity, which is why their training budgets are rising each year. Besides, corporate training started to shift online, taking advantage of all the advantages of e-learning.

Online learning is a very useful tool when delivering customer training, as it enables the customers to practice on their own terms, and to return to the lessons as many times as they need to be fully understood, to easily test the exact concepts they need to know and to research at their own pace. In doing so, you ensure that your consumers obtain the knowledge they need to succeed with your goods and best practices.

When you're aiming to minimize customer retention, increase consumer satisfaction, and streamline education effectively, use the company's resources efficiently, online consumer training is your best option. The development of training programs has never been easier. However, in order to receive all these advantages, it is important for your organization to choose the best LMS or Learning Management System according to its needs.

So, what exactly does customer training include, what are the benefits it provides, and why do you need to implement an effective customer training program?

What is customer training?

Customer training provides your customers with the content and knowledge they need to experience success with your product or service and, most importantly, to achieve their business objectives.

Customer training can be either directed, self-paced or combination of both. Guided customer onboarding, for instance, is also critical to helping customers deploy new apps. It is also generally a good idea to provide content for self-paced learning to enable consumers to find the knowledge they need at the point of need. Examples of this involve on-demand training materials or a customer-oriented knowledge base.

Why should you use an LMS for customer training?

Save development and training time:Customer training software is designed to make content creation easier. And as a result of being online, your clients have access to your training hub whenever they need it.

Leverage smart administration: By using the LMS for customer training, companies can organize and deliver their training from a single central location. This one-stop-shop reduces financial, operational and administrative overheads.

Increase sales: You want to deliver a full package as an enterprise, including outstanding service and guidance. By having an LMS available you are one huge step ahead of your competitors. A buyer may feel more comfortable about a purchase knowing they're going to receive training online.

Certify product knowledge: You are a manufacturer, and are you dealing with the resellers? You want these resellers to offer detailed information about the product. You can teach them every tiny detail with a learning management system(LMS), and validate their skills.

Reduce support costs: With an LMS, you can provide information about new products on time. You'll be ahead of other questions by acting progressively, instead of just waiting to see what's happening. That way support will dedicate their time to more valuable things.

Get product feedback: You will be able to identify which parts of your product are a black box for your customers. If you include test questions in your instruction material, you will receive this information. You can act on this information by updating your online manual or the worst-case scenario: rebuilding a feature.

Higher retention rates: With LMS you can make customer training a priority, and you'll see levels of customer satisfaction rise to great heights. Customer loyalty is also going to be better than average. As a result, your customers are keen to regularly renew their contracts.

Reduce overheads: We all want to be super organized but this is just reserved for the very few. When using an LMS you don't have to be an organization guru. You can find all your instruction material in the same place, in the same format, and just one click away. Additionally, the administration is no more a burden.

Business Benefits of Customer Training:

Customer satisfaction goes up With an excellent customer training program, consumers can learn how to properly use the product and, as a result, they will be happier.

Retains customers One of the perks of educating consumers is that they are more likely to continue to buy the products or services and to advertise them to their friends.

Empowers customers Customer training on products or services gives them the right tools and knowledge on how to use the product as expected. Training allows them to be more confident users from the beginning, and eventually to be more successful.

Why is Learning Track LMS is the solution to train your customers?

Multilingual capabilities: With Learning Track LMS, a customer training platform is available in 24 languages to deliver effective training to customers around the world which includes Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.

Easy-to-use content-builder Learning Track LMS content-building tools have been developed to make online customer training content as simple as possible. It's never been easier to add new content of all kinds, reuse older material, and edit and upgrade existing content.

Impressive customizations With the Design Tools of Learning Track LMS, you can customize the look and feel of your customer training hub to match the branding of your business. You can use your own domain name, logo and website to be on top of your training hub.

Supports instructor-led training Learning Track LMS encourages blended learning that allows you the ability to combine online customer training with instructor-led training (classroom-based or video conferencing) so that your customers get the best out of both the learning worlds.

Automatic administration The advantage of using online training software is that it lets you do more with less time. Learning Track LMS integrates with many systems in addition to built-in automation, so that administrators can automate tasks. For example, an account is automatically generated in Learning Track LMS when you add a new customer to a CRM such as Salesforce.

Self-paced learning Your customers are in control because they are in a self-paced mode. They can decide what, when, and how long they're going to spend on your instruction materials. All they need is a laptop, tablet or smartphone which makes it super accessible for customers.

Always available Customers must start using it to ensure that your online customer training is of value to your business. Learning Track LMS makes this easier by offering features such as a single sign-on and a native mobile application. These features allow customers to use your training from anywhere in the world at any time by logging in with the same usernames and passwords that they already use for your organization.