LMS For Business

LMS For Business

Best LMS for any size or kind of business

We are the LMS vendor who is been obsessed with your success! Our goal is to make it pain-free for companies to run a world-class training program.

Learning Track LMS is a corporate Learning Management System built to train an organization’s dynamic workforce. From general workforce growth to educating your extended enterprise (partners, suppliers, resellers), our corporate LMS will easily assist the L&D department with this. Learning Track is also designed and built to support mobile learning allowing your employees to train anytime, anywhere. And also, our dynamic employee reporting features make learning Track our ideal corporate LMS for development tracking.

Learning Track LMS is a strong, easy-to-use program that focuses on the key features of a learning management system for businesses.

Our program was developed by experts of corporate learning who had witnessed the field of learning management systems as being poorly inadequate for businesses. Their software has been designed to be secure, user-friendly and does the essential things well. First and foremost, we have built an LMS system around what learning managers need every day, and what organizations need to make sure the learning feature delivers its expected results.

Why you need a Corporate LMS for your business?

● The learning experience is no longer restricted to a classroom. Employees can now take courses at their own pace, wherever and whenever it’s convenient for them.

● Using our learning tool, you can save your company's money since there is no need for travel, accommodation, and instructor costs, or costly training conferences.

● You can overcome senior employees’ workload to reduce the amount of face-to-face mentoring.

● Our learning platform enables you to train your staff from different or any locations at no extra cost.

● It’s now simple and easy to keep track of who has finished a course and how they have performed.

● We provide centralize learning through which you can organize all of your training materials in one place. Sharing your training materials is simple, and you can also create groups of learners based on job role or location.

● Our LMS is flexible. We offer various subscription plans and add-on probabilities. Choose the most suitable fit for your organization.

Corporate LMS has several solutions

1. LMS for Employee Training:

Learning Track LMS helps you streamline and automate an employee’s training workflow. It's built as corporate LMS for small, medium and large businesses to train their employees and track their performance on time. Our LMS is developed keeping UI & UX in mind which makes the software smooth and efficient.

How does Learning Track help you with Employee Training?

• Administering a mix of blended learning: Both conventional classroom training and e-learning courses are blended to produce a learning experience with maximum retention. Instructors can train globally dispersed employees using the Virtual Classroom feature.

• Gamification: Administrators may build leader boards that show learner statistics in points, badges, and format certificates. Gamified rewards promote a desire for competition and learning.

• Assigning courses: Assign courses to an individual learner or group of learners based on their job responsibilities and specific needs for training.

• Assessment and comprehensive analytics: The LMS offers a reporting tool used to measure a learner’s understanding of a given course, enabling administrators to customize their training based on analytics and reports.

2. LMS for Employee Onboarding

A learning management system for employee onboarding is used to recruit, train, evaluate, and assist new employees to integrate effectively with their company and its work culture. Onboarding is important as it allows employees to start their new positions with clarity, guaranteeing they face the least challenges during their initial phase at work.

How does learning track LMS help you with Onboarding?

Central repository: A central repository of the onboarding portal gives all new workers instant access.

Post-training assessment: Assessments to test the impact of the training to ensure all new employees are ready to start performing at the right note.

Blended learning: OJT (on job training) is combined with eLearning courses to enhance the comprehension of the current workplace for new workers.

Repeated onboarding: Onboarding employees using a human resource was done in the past! Learning Track LMS provides a cost-effective and efficient way to deliver relevant training.

3. LMS for Compliance Training

Compliance training is a mandatory program. Organizations often encounter difficulty in maintaining track of employees avoiding compliance training. Maintaining records is important. An LMS for compliance training help solves both these issues.

Compliance training can typically be unattractive, time-consuming and boring. An LMS offers an immersive training course, which helps the students to complete this compulsory activity.

How does Learning Track LMS help you with Compliance Training?

• Track employee compliance: Learning track LMS for compliance training keeps a track of employees avoiding this activity.

• Certification: Certifying and re-certifying employees becomes easy, as a compliance training LMS monitors certification expiry.

• Timely compliance: The LMS allows administrators to set time constraints, motivating all employees to complete their compliance training within the deadline.

• Store regional compliance courses: The LMS facilitates the storage and access of varying compliance courses based on all regions that the company operates in.

• Simulate compliance courses: Situation simulating compliance courses can be designed and stored which uses illustrations, animations, or actual people to enact scenarios.

4. LMS for Customer Education and Training

In the present generation, it is necessary for organizations to invest in customer training programs. Pre-sales training and after-sales training on new products are common forms of customer training. Manuals, complicated guides are methods of the past. Using our LMS platform customers will be able to access customer-portals to understand a product’s usage, guidelines, terms conditions.

How does Learning Track LMS help in training your Customers?

• Dedicated customer login portals: Learning Track LMS is a multi-tenant system, enabling customers to log in to a dedicated customer portal, where data on products and services usage is possible.

• Receive customer queries: Customers are allowed to ask questions through the Queries function regarding issues they face with a product or a service.

• Global customer training: Multiple customer login portals are now possible with specific language settings that allow you to address customers spread across the globe.

• Third-party integrations: Integrate Learning Track LMS with your website through a single sign-on (SSO) API. Customers can stay logged in and have a seamless experience when changing from the website to the LMS.