When the employee completes all the training modules along the current learning path, Learning Track LMS provides the L&D team with an indication showing that an employee is now willing to assume higher responsibilities. Based on the results from the learning process and other contextual factors, the L&D team understands better who to encourage.

The learning path function ensures that employees are educated consistently throughout the lifecycle from beginning to end. Starting with onboarding, our LMS conducts tests during every phase of the employee's lifecycle. Once the learning paths are established, they are stored permanently on the LMS. The learning path feature automatically understands each time someone joins the company with that job role. It then initiates the new employee and begins their learning journey.

Implementing learning path, helps in:

1. We help to figure out the set of skills for employees to learn.

2. Time intervals have been set to start and complete a module.

3. We provide learners with appropriate training content.

4. We update the latest content if the training content becomes outdated or old.

Our Learning Track LMS is focused on determining a better learning path by which we can provide our learners with the best of LMS and help them enhance their skills.