Can learning be fun and fascinating like playing a game? Yes, certainly and that is what gamification in LMS is all about.

Gamification in an online eLearning platform lays out courses in a way that learners/users can interact, engage and learn from the course concurrently. This signifies creating a course with engaging activities like quizzes, questionnaires, badges, gold stars and even certificates. This also includes the course is given a game-levelled structure i.e. to proceed to the next level you must clear the previous level. This kind of course structure makes learners endeavour to reach the next level in the learning process.

Traditional learning can be very tedious. By implementing game mechanics as part of your learning strategy you are embedding fun into the training. That way, the learner more likely to remember what they have learned, and less likely to discontinue their training. It also enhances the learning experience.

The points system for gamification is adapted to provide more points to respective activities. The points system brings in objectives and contributes to the leader board.

Badges provide an objective for learners and let them know what can be accomplished within the LMS. Educators can pick their own designs and what they want to assign badges for, say for completing a course or a set of games. These badges act as a source of motivation for learners and can be shared via social tools to increase competition.

Leader boards are visible for learners and instructors to follow up on progress across a variety of games, challenges, and activities. Learners can check their performance against others, fostering competition and pushing them to work harder. It also integrates social tools so that learners can share their achievements. They can start discussions, work together on upcoming challenges and send private messages.