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In recent years, technology has evolved and changed the way we look into things around us. Just as workplaces around the globe are transformed by computers and the cloud, so is the classrooms are transformed from kindergarten to university research laboratories.

Technology has profoundly changed education, from the traditional way of teaching in classrooms to online learning making it hassle-free to both learners and teachers. Emerging of education needs technology driven instructors to evolve beyond linear, content-based learning and to encourage the learners who learn best in various ways. The development of information technology has improved research in education. Our learning management system (LMS) is the right fit to manage all your online learning with ease.

As we are all aware that most of the countries across the globe have been facing the major threat from the Novel Virus COVID-19 pandemic. Due to this outbreak, most of the countries across the globe have implemented a complete lockdown to reduce and flatten the curve of COVID-19 this has shown a major impact on the businesses small as well as large, but it has been worse on the educational sectors. Despite countries closing down the education institutes and leaving students clueless, as this is the end of a term or an academic year most schools and universities thrive to cover up their syllabuses in all ways possible. As the educational sectors are closed does not mean that education offered to students needs to stop. This situation can be solved by schools and colleges, with the aid of a learning management system (LMS).

Learning management systems(LMS) not only allow lecturers to upload lectures but also enable them to do live lectures and upload the content of the course to their system and to continue learning more interactively through our special features such as gamification, content management, AI / ML engine, as well as ensuring that students engage in quizzes to understand how much they have grasped from their learning, stats of all these will be made available to the respective trainers/teachers.

Learning Track LMS will solve all your problems in these crises situation and provides you the most reliable platform for online training.

Learning Track LMS is a software for delivering learning material online which is an integral part of the eLearning design and development process. Besides, it gives you the tools to manage training and development, increase learner engagement, and build a sense of understanding that helps to create new ideas, new technologies that work best with this competitive world.

Why should you choose Learning Track LMS?

Learning Track LMS is a web-based software that enables you to create, share and analyze real-time online learning content in the form of courses, exams, and resource management. And as most of them are looking for a flexible learning platform that allows them to learn on the go, our software will be the right fit. Here's how...

Leaning Track LMS is embedded with the best features that one is looking for to incorporate into their educational institutes.

Few are mentioned below:

1. Personalized Approach: It's difficult for the trainer to give attention to an individual student when the class is of 40 to 50 students. Besides, our LMS platform helps teachers to transition from a "one-size-fits-all" model to a student-centered one, with a specific emphasis on the needs of students and equal opportunity for all, regardless of experience or skill.

2. Blended Learning: The days are gone when the only way to transfer knowledge was through a typical classroom environment. Blended learning as a term, focuses on using digital media with an environment in the classroom to improve learning. The distinction lies not in the quality of the course but in the delivery of the said material.

3. Mobile Assistance Learning: According to numerous reports, a consumer spends nearly one-third of their whole day on their mobiles. It wouldn't be surprising if the same party chose newspaper smartphone applications as well. Mobile phones are the predominant data consuming devices these days. It Would be really useful if students were to actually use this technology to access relevant videos and reading material just by the tip of their fingers.

4. Customization of Tests and assignments: Assessments are a lacking feature in the majority of the LMS's available in the market today. Having an assessment feature in an LMS is an added advantage and helps Instructors arrive at their student's success better. This could be by means of having quizzes, tests, etc. After the task has been completed by the applicant, the instructor will be able to analyze it in the program. The program will then be able to chart the learning outcomes. Having implemented customized assessments, it becomes more helpful for the instructors to determine the level of academic success of a particular student. Better yet, Instructors will be able to tailor assessments for students with different levels of competencies using a top-shelf LMS like Learning Track. This will encourage instructors to concentrate much better on weaker students.

5. Gamification: A user-friendly LMS is never enough if it just increases students' curiosity in making good use of it. With learning track having gamification as an interactive feature it will allow users to have a great user interface with gameplay elements that will make learning extra fun and give an enjoyable experience.

6. Reporting: Generating Reports in real-time is another essential feature that learning track offers. The instructors and college/school/organization admins will be able to generate real-time reports not just for successful campus maintenance purposes, but also for certification purposes. Why waste more time preparing reports, every time, Instead let Learning Track LMS do it for you.

7. Automate Enrollment: Either it's classroom instruction or online learning, you can handle enrollment and completions effortlessly with our learning management system (LMS).

We have numerous features, these are just a few of them mentioned above.CLICK HERE This link provides you a clear precept on what we offer. Learning Track LMS provides activities, content management, portability, and much more.

Learning Track LMS is easy to deploy, user-friendly, flexible and could be the best LMS that lets you create an extraordinary eLearning experience for your learners.