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What is extended enterprise training?

Extended organizational training is any training provided to people outside the organization but is affected by its operations. By adopting extended company learning and development to train your partners on the "ins and outs" of your company, you can use all of your company's relationships and, in the process, benefit all parties involved.

How does it work in real life? Product education is a good example. Companies that provide medical supplies and equipment may want to train not only their staff but also their clients how to use the equipment. This practice increases customer satisfaction, reduces the number of returned / returned products and reduces customer support queries. This is a win-win for both the company and the client.

Why Learning Track LMS for enterprise training?

This training management system is the easiest, most cost-effective and practical way to set up training. You don't have to send people to train your clients, they can do it themselves by following online training sessions. You can also assess their knowledge with automated online tests. Instead of spending time and money training your stakeholders, focus on product development and improving your training materials.

Learning Track, as the name suggests, is a user-friendly, hassle-free learning management system that allows you to create, share and analyse content with your stakeholders in a simple and effective manner. It makes it possible to:

1. Organize and give access to your learning content all in one place: With the academy, all your learning topics (courses and exams) for your learners can be found in one place.

2. Customize your learning environment: Use your logo, background image, fonts and colours, and create your learning environment to fit your brand. And do not spend too much money on a custom solution. Read more about white labelling.

3. View and track real-time progress for each user: View and filter your results by email, course or test header and export the option into an Excel file. It is also possible to analyse the results for each group.

4. Set Up Multiple Managers: Add multiple administrators to your account so different members of your team can share responsibility for training.

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Extended Enterprise Learning focuses primarily on providing training to learners outside of your organization. The training can be aimed at dealers, channel distribution partners, resellers, franchisees, suppliers and even your customers.

1. Personalised training for company stakeholders

2. Cost effective

3. Salesforce integration

4. Content management

5. Automated reminders

6. Detailed Reporting

7. Greater productivity

Incorporating an Enterprise LMS, you get the ability to grant employees the necessary materials, tests, examinations and track their progress. The learning management systems also provide various tools that allow the creation of courses customized to the needs and goals of the organization.

1. Consistency over individual brands

2. Standardized training for all stakeholders

3. Enhanced customer engagement and loyalty

4. Personalized training for stakeholder groups

5. Advanced tracking and reporting

Online collaboration system is used by employers and employees to collaborate and complete work tasks across departments and from outside the organizations. It combines several tools, internet, extranets and other networks as required to support enterprise-wide communications, such as sharing documents, enterprise email systems, videoconferencing, project management tools, and others.