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LMS for Corporate Training

Retaining employees is one of the biggest corporate challenges. Businesses find it even harder to retain talents if they don't offer the best training and development opportunities to their employees on current technologies and trends. One of the best approaches is to offer training and development opportunities for your employees in their workspace. Here’s when LMS for corporate training comes into the picture. Organizations that use new learning techniques keep their workers more involved and engaging, plus building new skills become much easier.

Our Learning management system (LMS) is what you need which provides the best features i.e. a user-friendly learning platform, simple user-interface, equipped with functionalities, and tailored to suit your needs to keep your employees informed and up to speed with all the recent developments and technologies. We understand what it takes to make learning fun and simple for your employees. Learning Track is a cloud-based enterprise-wide application that manages your entire workforce through an all-inclusive solution. Learning Track understands what it takes to make learning more fun and simple for your employees.

What is LMS for corporate training and what does it offer?

An LMS for corporate training enables you to deliver better courses along with training materials efficiently to your employees in various formats, time frames, and categories. An LMS is a tool that businesses use across all verticals to deliver training courses effectively. It not only provides training programs but also keeps a track of learners and courses, updates reports of the performance of every member of the group, facilitates employees to learn at their own pace which lowers the cost of your training. Learning Track enables you to create personalized training materials. Our smart LMS for the corporate training program handles your workplaces, teams and all the reporting requirements effectively.

How does Corporate LMS help your business?

1. Easy employee induction

With our corporate LMS, you can apply your employee induction training to an autopilot. You only need to create a training program once, and then assign it to all new recruits. Good induction training experience can streamline the new hiring adaptation process, boosts their retention and make them work faster.

2. Job Skill Training

Training on specific skills is a key component of employee education. Given that technology is constantly changing, even tenured employees need to constantly update their skills. With learning track corporate LMS, it is simple to involve employees in learning regularly. This kind of training will help your employees to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and enhance their performance.

3. Sales team training

Learning Track LMS comes with a host of features designed to enhance the ability of a sales team to practice and achieve their desired sales skills. Enforcing an LMS to corporate training provides reporting and analytical tools that help you recognize areas of improvement for the Sales Team. Learning Track also provides LMS administrators to manage courses via mobile, tablets, and desktops. Schedule a free trial to experience the best of Learning Track LMS.

How does Learning Track help you?

Create excellent courses: Using our LMS you can create courses, quizzes, assessments, and exams. All of them have a user-friendly interface. We provide a distraction-free learning experience. You just have to focus on the content, our system will do the heavy lifting. Click here for a demo.

Easy invites: Once the course is created you just have to upload the email addresses to our system and the invites are sent to your subscribers with a link that redirects to your course, it's that easy.

Multimedia capabilities: We give you the ability to deliver content in different ways i.e. you can use videos, text, images, audio and slide decks to train and keep your employees involved. You're also allowed to refer to external sources and incorporate them easily.

Easy to Track: You can track the progress of your employees in the ranking and stats section of your Dashboard. Also can see on what point they pause/stop the course. If some of your employees didn't start the course, then you just have to send them a reminder.

Pricing: Pricing is a significant consideration for businesses. Learning Track believes in offering value to the customers. Our pricing is affordable which won't be a hole in your pocket.

Constant support: Once you opt for our service we have got your back. You don't have to worry about the customer support, we are offering constant support both online or offline to all our clients.

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Why Choose Us?

Discover, select and compare our learning management systems. Reduce your options with the software directory of the e-learning industry

A corporate LMS is an eLearning platform that delivers online courses and other training content to the employees. With Corporate LMS, onboarding new employees become much easier. It helps to get them the skills and knowledge needed to perform their roles and help them advance in their careers.

1. Reduces training costs

2. Mobile-ready features

3. Anytime anywhere training

4. Boosts employee performance

5. Gamification

6. Personal Training

7. Social learning

8. Courses supported for the organization’s needs

9. Employee Retention

LMS is built keeping UI & UX friendly, delivering the LMS administration task smooth and efficient. Trainers can upload content and assign training modules to learners based on job relevance, and other specifications in just a few steps. The course material will be accessible anytime.

Even the best and great companies have employee training problems. eLearning presented with a corporate LMS can fix several L&D concerns your company facing by localizing and standardizing training, saving time for employees to train, and engaging learners on a more prominent level.

1. Assist the employees with courses available for 24/7 by implementing online training.

2. Designing an informative course can motivate employees, motivation leads to engagement and learning.

3. Establishing open communication channels and gamification for learners makes training fun.

4. Support the use of new resources.

Online collaboration enables a team from various locations to manage the same project or training more effectively without moving out of your locations. LMS helps you to make quick decisions and ensure proper knowledge transfer, greater progress in the projects, share your views, files and documents to everybody involved at once.