Machine learning and artificial intelligence enable any software application to perform more intelligently and automatically. AI machines use decision tree learning, artificial neural networks, and other such algorithms.

The machine learning tasks can be broadly classified as “Supervised Learning” and “Unsupervised Learning.” E-learning landscape can drastically grow with the integration of AI and ML in the Learning Management System (LMS) applications.

The learning Track also uses artificial neural networks or deep learning algorithms to process the data and optimize the course content without manual interference possibly much faster and accurately than humans. The smart LMS will be able to instantly learn about the areas in which the students are lacking the skills and understand how the course can be changed automatically depending on the patterns and data of each student.

AI-enabled LMS will take care of the tedious routine tasks such as grading students, onboarding students, offering initial guidance and so on, in addition to it optimizing the course content and personalizing it as the course progresses for each student.

In this way, the instructors will spend more time creating new courses and even learning new things, which is the most important thing.

Artificial Intelligence is all about data and pattern recognition. Once a broad range of knowledge and data of multiple students has been obtained across different courses, Our AI-based LMS can even detect gaps in student learning, which have not yet been addressed in one of the current courses. In this way, you can classify requirements for new courses addressing these learning gaps.

Cloud-based LMS with the capability of artificial intelligence and ML can operate as a doubt solver with the guidance of a knowledge base from which it can learn. Implementing AI/ML in the learning management system improves in enhancing virtual learning and very intuitive content, also improves the gamification using its algorithms.

E-learning can greatly benefit from these technologies and that can change the way we learn new things through online courses and keeps the learner active throughout the completion of it.