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Track Learning is a web-based White label LMS solution application designed to identify training needs and learning gaps, utilizing analytical data and reporting with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as a backbone. It is essentially complementing HR L&D operations & ease out the processes.

It administers documentation, resource management, training operations, corporate training, tracking, reporting, authoring tools, and delivery of educational courses, training companies, training programs, or learning and development programs through effectiveness tracking in real-time. It provides various access levels to management tools with analytical views and reports for better decisions. It is a complete HR centric Training management system (TMS) in itself.

Learning Track is a White label Learning management system (LMS) for Education Industry, Healthcare, Enterprise, E-Learning, Retails & Distribution and Government.

We have Realtime augmented eLearning content for various courses that can be used for instructor-led training as well as online training.

This training management software has easy course management, training resource, training delivery, reminder emails for learning professionals & training administrators

Utilizing analytical data and reporting:

1. Use custom filters build the kind of LMS reports which will assist you make high level decisions.

2. Get clear-cut, downloadable and unjust reports for every incident.

3. Schedule reports arriving at any time duration / interval you choose.

4. Share reports together with your team and alternative stakeholders, even those who are not using LMS.

5. Dig deeper into your learning analytics by e-commerce reports to surpass.

6. Activity logs capture each action, each user takes on the platform.

6. Rich knowledge to identify weaknesses and realize ways in which to boost productivity.

7. Detailed daily records keep your organization ready for audits supported compliance and regulative coaching.


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Welcome to Learning Track

Preparing education system, for next generations to become responsible human being, we bring next generation learning management solution with vision to cater education from pre –primary till graduation. Our system is capable of learning from the current practices and bring maximum results at one hand and to suggest better options to deliver better results and to become more successful.


Bringing learning solution, that will ease and facilitate knowledge sharing and create effective learning path for all through system.


Leveraging technological advancement in betterment of human race.


Upliftment of people brings joy of creating system for effective use of human resources.

Employee Onboarding & Redeployment:

An LMS for worker onboarding can be used to induct, train, assess, and facilitate new staff with success integrate with their organization and its work culture.

Onboarding is vital because it additionally helps staff begin their new positions with most clarity, guaranteeing their ability to face bottom challenges throughout their initial section at work smoothly.​ ​

In industries with high attrition rates—regular worker onboarding is common. Organizations divert critical resources like time, money, and effort towards repeatedly training individuals and batches of new employees

The resources required to aboard staff square measure a similar.

LMS facilitates the creation and storage of courses, permitting perennial access to coaching content. LMS also helps in redeployment as an employee can be deployed into much another role based on efficiency & enhanced skillsets.

Identify training and bridging learning gaps:

An untrained staff lacks the dynamism to move and flow with company demands. Accumulated knowledge gaps are one of the problems in this regard. An empowering learning experience imparts practical knowledge and encourages retention, leading to a meaningful application of knowledge.

The most essential feature of LMS is a performance assessment module. Using this tool, operators hear the analytics and slim in on the pain points of their learners.

Performance assessments are extremely useful in identifying problem areas on both a macro and micro level. If we have a tendency to see several people receiving an equivalent negative evaluation, clearly the delivery is falling short. Using an LMS, we bring together many moving parts to form a holistic view.

Persona Identification:

mPhase is committed to providing technology for school, k12, Universities, and enterprises for recording the persona of the individual candidates using image identification implemented with AI /ML mapped with learning path.

This, in turn, provides improvement scope in learning and bridge the skill gap and comply with the learning path.

Employee Onboarding:

Training new workers with the talents and data they have to adequately perform their role and add your organization

Compliance coaching

Mandatory coaching that your company should deliver to your workers

New Product/Service coaching

Upskilling your workers with coaching on new product and services that square measure being introduced into your organization

New Process Training:

From educating staff on security measures to teaching people the rules for keeping the staff kitchen tidy, this process training deals with employee operations

Sales Training Supply & Demand

Willing buyers, a willing seller is the basic law of supply and demand. How are you able to utilize this idea, and your workplace LMS, to create a higher sales team?

Remote workers and desk less

Remote workers and desk fewer workers are two very different types of employees. But they have one thing in common: they’re out of your sight. Discover their unique training needs, and tips to deliver effective training that will make them feel included and valued members of your company.