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One Click White label solution

One Click White label solution

Customer can create online learning and evaluation system through single click, providing their own LMS with their own feel and look.

Employee Skill Gap Identification

Employee Skill Gap Identification

Based on required skill set, system can analyse the gap and create learning path, simultaneously can analyse capability building.

Employee re-deployment and evaluation

Employee re-deployment and evaluation

Based on skilled gained after training and activities, employees can be redeployed on the assignment they are good at and ease evaluation process for employees.

Real time content augmentations

Real time content augmentations

For the courses and topics, system is capable of providing real time latest content for knowledge augmentation.

Welcome To Learning Track

Learningtrack.com is a web-based application designed to identify training needs and learning gaps, utilizing analytical data and reporting with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as a backbone. ​It is essentially complementing HR L&D operations & ease out the processes.

It administers documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs through effectiveness tracking in real-time. It provides various access levels to management with analytical views and reports for better decisions. ​

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Our Key Features

Single Click Whitelabel LMS Solution

Set up your learning management solution in one day on a single click without a need for customer support through learningtrack.com on our cloud infrastructure effortlessly.

Skill Assessment & Redeployment

Evaluate your resources through pre-hosted quizzes and tests. Create your learning path to redeploy an employee to cater to other requirements. Assign courses based on your trainee's specific skills.

Real-time Performance Analytics

Get analytic reports on knowledge gain of the resources while the course is ON in real-time through various levels of authentication. Optimize the knowledge with realtime intelligence & satisfaction.

Determining the learning path

Based on the objective of the course, the system creates a learning path for the resources. Learners are assigned to multiple learning paths if they have multiple training requirements.

Persona Identification

Know your resources, skills, education, and qualities, let the HR team into keeping the track of the resources. Present your task and receive timely feedback and ongoing portfolio.

Customise Dashboard

Our learning management system functionality allows you to create customized dashboards that enable users to log in to their platforms, allowing you to present information instantly and easily.

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Why Choose Us?

Discover, select and compare our learning management systems. Reduce your options with the software directory of the e-learning industry

Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application used for administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of online courses, training programs or development programs.

LMS allows you to create eLearning content, organize it into customized courses, deliver the content either within your business/company or to the internet audience, enroll students to preferred courses, monitor and assess their performance including attendance, test grades, and more. Basically, handles the eLearning management and delivers the online courses.

Learning Management Systems are playing a major role in the e-learning industry. Implementing an LMS in your system can enhance organizations’ revenue by improving employee's skills and learner's knowledge by keeping them updated with the latest technology.

1. Organizes the content of eLearning in one place.

2. Allows unlimited access to eLearning materials.

3. Automatically tracks learner progress and performance.

4. Cost-effective learning management system

5. Reduces Learning time.

6. Keeps organizations up to date with the rules concerning compliance.

7. Widen eLearning courses easily and conveniently.

8. It incorporates experiences of social learning.

9. Flexible and scalable environment.

10. Allows complete personalisation

11. Centralized learning

Incorporating eLearning is benefiting industries in various ways. It saves time and money, improves productivity & performances, it is flexible & convenient, cost-effective, allows timely feedback, and improves retention, personalized training experience. Organizations also save a substantial cost on the travel and accommodation of both learners and tutors, as well as the materials and venue.

LMS can help diverse industries such as educational, healthcare, government, corporate, retail & distribution, enterprise, e-learning, and more. We provide comprehensive LMS solutions to all kinds of requirements.

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Learning Track LMS – The Best Elearning Software